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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I just placed an order, how long does it take to get processed?
  2. I just placed an order, are my tickets confirmed?
  3. Can I cancel an order after I have placed it?
  4. What if an event is within 48 hours? How do I get my tickets?
  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
  6. Are there any additional fees that will be added to my order?
  7. E-ticket: Why do these tickets have another person’s name on them?
  8. What is the Bay Street Tickets Guarantee?
  9. Does someone need to be available to receive my tickets when shipped?
  10. I lost my tickets, can you get them re-printed?


I placed an order on .... order # is ....... are my tickets ready for pick up.

Once your order has been processed a Bay Street Tickets Customer Service Representative will be in contact you to let you know your tickets are ready for pick up at our Toronto Office.

I placed an order on… for… order # is….how do I get my tickets for tonights game?

A Bay Street Tickets Customer Service Representative will contact you by phone or email to inform you of where our day of event pick-up/drop off location is.

e-ticket - why do these tickets have other peoples name on them?

Some times we purchase tickets from Season Ticket Holders who aren’t able to make it to a certain event. Please be assured you will be able to enter the venue without the worry of being denied entrance backed by Bay Street Tickets’ 200% Guarantee. If you are denied entrance, contact Bay Street Tickets immediately so we can do everything possible to ensure you can enter the venue.

I just placed an order. How long does it take to process an order?

Orders are processed in 24 to 48 hours after placing. If the event is the same day, a Customer Service Representative will contact you right away to provide pick up/drop off location details.

I just placed an order - I want to know if my order went through. Are my tickets confirmed? I placed an order and didn't get a confirmation email.

All orders placed through our website will receive a confirmation email letting you know we have received your order and are in the process of processing it.

I am still waiting to receive my tickets. When are they being sent?

In some cases, the event tickets you purchase have not arrived in our office. In this case, the tickets will be delivered up to one week prior to the event. Once they arrive a Customer Service Representative will be in contact to let you know they are being delivered.

Do you buy and or trade tickets? Eg: I have tickets for a game that I can’t use

Depending on what event the tickets are for and the demand for the event. Some events we have too much stock that we will not be buying anymore. Contact a Customer Service Representative to inquire about selling your tickets by emailing sales@BayStreet

Is it possible to list tickets for sale on your site? If not, do you know where I can post tickets so that they show up on the site?

Bay Street Tickets does not allow public listings on our Website. Based on what event tickets you may have, Bay Street Tickets may purchase the tickets from you. Please contact a Customer Service Representative to let them know of tickets you are interested in selling. Email

I don't see what I want on your site, can I get a specific seat/row/event?

Bay Street Tickets will assist you in finding the event tickets you desire. If the event tickets you are interested in are not shown on our website, please email or call us and we will assist you in finding seats.

What does paperless mean?

Paperless means instead of receiving your tickets ahead of the event, the credit card used to make the purchase will serve as your ticket. All you will need for entry is the credit card used to purchase the tickets, and a government-issued ID.

What are or how can I get wheelchair seats

Wheelchair seats are an area in the venue designated for wheelchairs to sit. They are not actual seats. Bay Street Tickets does not purchase Wheelchair Seats. Your best option would be to contact the venue directly to find out more information.

I want my tickets emailed

Most of the tickets we carry are hard tickets and are not email-able. If the tickets are email-able we will offer this method of delivery when a Customer Service Representative contacts you.

When will I receive my tickets?

Tickets are shipped next business day when in stock. Bay Street Tickets guarantees that the latest you will receive tickets, are 7 days prior to the event, unless purchased within 72 hours of event.

Are there any additional fees that will be added to my order?

No!  Unlike many competitors' sites, we do not add any service charges or handling fees to your order.  All prices listed are subject to local taxes but beyond that, there are NO HIDDEN FEES!

What is the sales tax charged?

The total of your order does not include any local sales taxes (13%). Local sales taxes will be added to any orders made in Canada. Orders received from American customers will add the 13%HST, being that the event is in Ontario.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

An order confirmation email will be emailed to you after you complete your order. A Customer Service Representative will be in contact with you if any other information is needed.

For events within 48 hours, where do I get my tickets?

For orders placed within 48 hours for events in Toronto, tickets can be picked up at our Downtown Pick-up location. The location details will be given to you after order confirmation.

Do you have an upcoming events listing that can be emailed to me?

Bay Street Tickets offers a twice monthly newsletter for you to stay in the loop on upcoming sporting events and concerts.  Newsletter subscribers also have access to Contests, and last minute deals and offers. You can sign up for our newsletter directly on our website.

Do you have a subscriber’s list?

Bay Street Tickets Tickets offers a semi-monthly newsletter that you can sign up for directly on our website.

What if the tickets I purchased are no longer available?

If the tickets you have purchased are no longer available, Bay Street Tickets will make the best effort to offer you seats in the general area of where your original purchase was located (based on availability).  If, for some reason, your tickets are un-available and we are not able to secure suitable replacements, you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price.

What are the different delivery methods?

Bay Street Tickets offers FedEx and Purolator delivery, Local Courier, and Downtown Pick-up.

FedEx/Purolator: If you choose FedEx/Purolator delivery, the delivery charge will be added to your charge. Prices vary depending on where your tickets are being shipped. Tickets will usually arrive next business day. If you have a Fedex/Purolator account and would like your tickets shipped on your account please contact our office.

Local Courier: In some cases a Local Courier will be used to deliver your tickets. This delivery method is only available in the Greater Toronto Area.

Downtown Pick-up: If you chose Downtown Pick-up the location details will be sent to you after confirmation that your order went through. You will receive a confirmation email with the address of the Downtown pick-up location.

Where do Bay Street Tickets tickets come from?

Our tickets come from season ticket holders who are unable to attend all games or events, and from average consumers who have purchased tickets to an event they are no longer available to attend.

Why is the price on the ticket different from what I was charged?

The price of tickets are based on market demand. For example, Leafs vs. Canadiens game tickets are high in demand and in short supply. Because of this, the tickets will sell higher than the price printed on the ticket (face value).

When would a ticket sell below the price printed on the ticket?

A ticket would sell below the price printed on the ticket (face value) when there is low demand for an event. For example, the Blue Jays face the Baltimore Orioles on a week day. The Orioles are not a popular team and most people can’t make a night game during the week, so tickets may be listed at or below face value as a last minute offer (i.e. day of event).

Why are some people willing to pay more than the ticket price?

The emotional benefits of seeing your favourite band front row, or witnessing history at the Super Bowl, are far more important to some customers than the price of the ticket. Consumers understand there is a deeper personal value to event tickets, and they are willing to pay the higher price to attend these events.

What is the Bay Street Tickets 200% Guarantee?

The Bay Street Tickets 200% Guarantee is our guarantee to our valued customers that not only will you be 100% protected from any counterfeit tickets, but that if for some reason there is a problem with your tickets, we will reimburse you an additional 100% to make it right.

The Bay Street Tickets Guarantee assures your tickets will always arrive on time for every event. Every order that you place with Bay Street Tickets comes with the guarantee that it will be processed in a secure environment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. We also accept Electronic Funds Transfer, PayPal, On Account (available to certain clients only), cashier’s cheques, money orders, and cash (only accepted in person). We do not carry cash in our office.

Can I cancel an order after I have placed it?

Cancellations are not permitted after an order has been placed. An order is considered final once you confirm the order. If for unforeseen circumstances you are no longer available to attend an event, a Bay Street Tickets store credit may be offered for the total of the invoice of your order (only if timing permits, depending on how soon the event is). If this arises please contact a representative for more information.

When can I expect to receive the tickets I purchased?

Tickets will be delivered as soon as they are in stock. In some cases, we do not receive the tickets till the week of the event. A representative will be in contact with you when tickets will be shipped. Orders made through a pre-order involve tickets that are purchased in advance and are not physically in stock.

Does someone need to be available to receive my tickets when shipped?

All orders shipped by FedEx/Purolator will require a signature. We require a signature to ensure that your tickets arrive safely. Please make sure someone is available to accept the package.

I lost my tickets, can you get them re-printed?

Bay Street Tickets cannot guarantee that tickets will be re-printed if lost or stolen. Contact a Bay Street Tickets Representative to find out if your tickets can be re-printed.


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Shipping Information

All orders are either shipped via courier or held for pick up. We do not mail tickets out because if they get lost, they are lost for good and for piece of mind alone, it's worth the extra expense to ship them via FedEx or Purolator.

If you have a FedEx, Purolator, or other courier account and would like to ship on your account, please contact us to arrange shipping on your corporate account.